New Jersey Madden Exemption

Volunteers may be eligible for exemption from mandatory court-appointed pro bono (Madden) assignments.

The Partnership is an approved legal service provider for the state of New Jersey. As such, attorneys admitted to the New Jersey bar who volunteer for qualifying, New Jersey-based client matters through the Partnership may qualify for exemption from Madden assignments.

A majority of our New Jersey-based client matters qualify toward the exemption. To inquire about the Madden eligibility of one of our Volunteer Opportunities or clients, please contact us at

How to claim your exemption

Attorneys who provide 25 hours of qualifying volunteer service in one calendar year through the Partnership may claim exemption from Madden assignments in the following year. Service hours provided through the Partnership may also be combined with qualifying service through other approved providers.

Qualifying Partnership volunteers should share their hours with us and request the exemption under exemption code 88 on the annual pro bono questionnaire (part of the annual online attorney registration) and certify the details of the work they performed.

If you have shared your hours with us, the Partnership can verify your pro bono service upon request.

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