New Jersey 𝘔𝘢𝘥𝘥𝘦𝘯 Exemption

Pro Bono Partnership has been certified as a pro bono organization by the New Jersey Supreme Court. As such, attorneys admitted to the New Jersey bar who volunteer to provide at least 25 hours of volunteer legal services in New Jersey for one or more of Pro Bono Partnership’s clients in a single calendar year should be eligible the following year for an exemption from mandatory court-appointed pro bono assignments.

To inquire about the Madden eligibility of one of our Volunteer Opportunities, please contact us at

How to claim your exemption

During the annual attorney registration process, attorneys who provided at least 25 hours of qualifying volunteer service in the prior calendar year through the Partnership can claim an exemption from Madden assignments during the current year. Select Exemption Category No. 88. Service hours provided through the Partnership can be combined with qualifying service through other certified New Jersey pro bono organizations.

If you share your hours with us at the end of each of your pro bono assignments with us, then we will be able to verify your hours of pro bono service upon request.

To learn more about the Madden exemption, please click here.