New York CLE

Many of our New York-based volunteer opportunities are eligible for CLE credit.

Pro Bono Partnership is an authorized Pro Bono CLE Provider by the New York State Continuing Legal Education Board (NYSCLEB) and can provide CLE credit for pro bono legal services provided to qualifying clients.

Attorneys can earn one (1) CLE credit-hour for every 120 minutes or two (2) full hours of pro bono legal service. Half credits are available. An attorney can earn up to ten (10) CLE “skills” credits for pro bono legal services during any single biennial reporting cycle. Newly admitted attorneys are eligible to earn pro bono CLE credits, but must carry over such credits to their second biennial reporting cycle.

How to Obtain CLE Credits

The New York CLE Rules require attorneys to submit an affirmation to the Partnership that includes a description of the services provided and the number of hours spent on the matter.

We will provide interested attorneys with an affirmation form to be returned to the Partnership. Upon receipt of an affirmation form, the Partnership will issue a Letter of Participation for qualifying matters. You should retain this Letter and your time records for four years.

To inquire about the CLE eligibility of one of our Volunteer Opportunities or clients please contact us at

For general information on the Pro Bono CLE Board Regulations and Guidelines, click here.