Pro Bono Coordinators

Develop or Enhance Your Transactional Pro Bono Program

Pro Bono Partnership can help assess the interests of leadership and legal staff through:

  • In-person meetings
  • Identifying appropriate matters and projects to align with your department needs and goals
  • Presentations and Training — CLE and other training topics may include:
    • Forming the Exempt Organization
    • Advising the Organizational Client
    • Role of a Board of Directors
    • Recent Changes to the New York Not-for-Profit Corporation Law
    • Ethical Issues in Corporate Pro Bono Representations (certified for NY CLE)
    • Nonprofit Law 101: Legal Issues Unique to New Jersey Nonprofits (part of our SMORGASBONO℠ Legal Q&A Program for Nonprofits)

Access Quality Transactional Projects

The Partnership offers lawyers a variety of transactional pro bono projects within the volunteer’s area of expertise, ranging from small, discrete individual matters to more complex, team-driven matters. Contact our Pro Bono Manager, Lauren Fishman, at for the complete list of current volunteer opportunities in your geographic and/or practice areas of interest at any time.

We also provide training and support on nonprofit-specific issues, such as drafting and reviewing bylaws, and offer model documents, guides and other resource materials.

Summer Associate Program

Our Summer Associate Transactional Research Project, launched in 2015, can fulfill all or a portion of New York State’s 50-hour Pro Bono legal service requirement for bar applicants. The Project addresses research issues vital to the nonprofit sector.

Summer associates also have the opportunity to work directly on our client matters under the supervision of an attorney.

Professional Development

Our program also provides associates opportunities not usually available early in their careers — the chance to effectively network, develop confidence, and gain leadership experience — and give them hands-on experience on a variety of significant and often intricate matters.

Contact our Pro Bono Manager, Lauren Fishman, at for more information about how we can work with your attorneys.

Browse through our Professional Development for Attorneys and Summer Associates brochure for a summary of these programs.