Advocacy, Lobbying and Political Campaign Activities for Nonprofits – May 2024

Nonprofit organizations can have a crucial role in shaping our political environment. Advocacy, lobbying, and electoral activities can help to strengthen your organization, the nonprofit sector, and our communities. This is particularly relevant in a presidential election year, when your nonprofit may look to engage in such activities. But, did you know that there are important rules that must be followed to remain compliant with your tax-exempt status and campaign finance laws?

Topics Include

  • What advocacy activities are permissible?
  • What is the difference between lobbying and political campaign activity?
  • How much lobbying is permissible as a tax-exempt organization?
  • What sorts of nonpartisan electoral activities can a nonprofit engage in, and what activities are prohibited?


Maurice Segall, Esq., Director, New York & Fairfield County Program, Pro Bono Partnership

Priya Morganstern, Esq., Director, Connecticut Program, Pro Bono Partnership

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Categories: Lobbying and Political Activity