Transitioning from a Volunteer-Only Organization to a Staffed Organization – March 2024

Moving from a volunteer-only to staffed organization is a huge milestone in the lifecycle of a nonprofit. How do you know when you are ready? How do you know what the organization needs? Part 1 of our series will look at these questions, among others:

  • Why do we believe that we need to hire staff at this time?
  • What positions (functions) do we need to fill? Administrative, executive, or other?
  • What can we pay/what can we afford?
  • Are there power dynamics involving a founder (or other) that we need to address?
  • How do we fully embrace the transition from one organizational structure (all-volunteer) to the other (one with staff)?
  • Are there obvious candidates internally or will we be starting/searching from scratch?
  • How do we handle potential conflicts of interest if we are considering a candidate from the Board?

Once the organization’s board has decided to proceed with an initial hire, a number of legal issues are presented. Part 2 of our series will look at some of these issues, including:

  • The search and interview process – do’s and don’t’s; non-discrimination
  • The offer letter
  • Wage and hour basics: will the employee be exempt or non-exempt?
  • Registering as an employer
  • Other regulatory/compliance requirements: posters, training, payment into paid leave fund, etc.
  • Employee handbook?
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