Wage and Hour Basics for Connecticut Nonprofits – June 2023

Understanding wage and hour law is critical to a well-run organization. Join us as we cover the basics of wage and hour law, to enable you to avoid common pitfalls and to minimize the risk of mistakes that can lead to significant exposure for employers. For experienced human resources professionals, this webinar will be a practical β€œrefresher.” For less experienced human resources professionals, this webinar will provide a grounding in wage and hour essentials.

Topics Include

  • Independent contractor status, and the implications of misclassifying an employee as an independent contractor.
  • Exempt vs. non-exempt employees including discussion of the various exemptions.
  • Common mis-classification pitfalls.
  • Other wage and hour considerations such as the regular rate of pay for overtime purposes and off-the-clock work.
  • Volunteers and interns, and how they are distinguished from employees.
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Categories: Employment Law and Employee Benefits