Legal Alert: New Connecticut Law Prohibits Employers from Asking Prospective Employees About Salary History

Effective January 1, 2019, employers in Connecticut will be prohibited from asking prospective employees about their salary histories (such as their compensation in prior jobs) during the job interview process. (Public Act No. 18-8, “An Act Concerning Pay Equity”). Employers are permitted to ask prospective employees about past compensation structures, such as whether previous employers offered stock option plans or other equity incentives, but an employer may not ask the value of such benefits. Prospective employees are permitted to voluntarily disclose their salary histories.

What Employers Should Do Now:

  • Review employment applications and other documents related to hiring (paper and on-line) and remove any questions that ask about an employee’s past compensation/ salary history.
  • Train all people who interview job candidates that they may not ask prospective employees to disclose their prior compensation or the value of benefits they received in prior jobs.

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