Message from Marcia Levy, Executive Director

One of the great insights I’ve gained over this past year and a half at the helm, is that the Pro Bono Partnership experience extends beyond legal work done within office walls. It is about partnering with the finest legal and nonprofit professionals who achieve meaningful change in today’s critical societal issues. It is about forging stronger and deeper ties to our communities. It is about embracing expansion — of ideas and programs and sometimes geography.

Marcia on Long Island

Marcia at the Introduction to Pro Bono Partnership breakfast at Molloy College in Farmingdale with Republican Airport in the background.

Through an initiative led by Maurice Segall and Judy Siegel, the Partnership continues to expand its presence on Long Island, New York. Earlier this spring, we hosted events for area nonprofits, law firms, and corporations to introduce them to our services. Thus far, prospective clients and volunteers have been exceptionally receptive to our programs, with several Foundations, including the Long Island Community Foundation, providing support for which we are deeply grateful.

The Partnership also has expanded its impact online. On April 14, our new website went live! The site offers greater functionality. See for yourself!

We are also taking steps to share more of our programs; you will notice that this newsletter is different from others that we have published. Rather than provide a reflection on our progress-to-date, we want to look forward and share our goals for the coming months. In addition, we want to continue our mission of educating nonprofits in our newsletter by providing articles on organizational best practices and processes and discussing issues for which many of our clients advocate, supplementing each with a recent case example. We hope that this will allow our clients, donors, and volunteers a better understanding of the Partnership’s mission and a preview of the vision we have for the future.

In April and May the Partnership hosted regional Volunteers of the Year events, celebrating its honor roll of 2015 volunteers and recognizing New York volunteers. The Partnership is grateful to have such incredible and generous volunteers on our team.