New York State Division of Human Rights to Establish Sexual Harassment Complaint Hotline

In March 2022, New York’s Governor Hochul signed into law a bill that requires the New York State Division of Human Rights to establish a free, confidential hotline to allow individuals to make complaints of workplace sexual harassment. This requirement goes into effect July 14, 2022.

The new law requires that, once the hotline is established, employers provide information about the hotline in any materials that they are required to post or provide to employees about sexual harassment.

The hotline will be staffed by pro bono attorneys who will advise on sexual harassment law in general, as well as counsel on the individual’s specific complaints.

What Employers Should Do Now

NY State has publicized the hotline phone number: 1-800-427-2773. Employers should update their materials regarding sexual harassment, including any related policies, trainings, and postings, to contain a reference to the hotline. We will update this legal alert on our website if additional guidance on employer responsibilities is provided by NY State. We will also provide updates on our social media pages.


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