Pro Bono Partnership Receives Transformative Grant from The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven

WHITE PLAINS, NY – January 1, 2017 – Pro Bono Partnership today announced that The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven is providing a grant of $15,000 to fund the Partnership’s program of pro bono legal services in the Greater New Haven region of south central Connecticut this year.

The Foundation’s grant will support the Partnership’s free, direct legal assistance, Legal Resource Helpline, and educational initiatives, including webinars and workshops designed to help nonprofits identify legal issues and adopt best practices, for nonprofit organizations in The Foundation’s twenty-town region.

Demand for the Partnership’s services has increased over the past several years due to updates to core nonprofit legislation, such as the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Because many of the updates have been substantial, nonprofits now require more legal advice and education than ever before to remain compliant and legally sound.

In 2016, the Partnership assisted 32 of the region’s nonprofits with more than 65 legal matters, 20% more than we handled last year. Legal matters range from the review of bylaws and other core policies to those regarding intellectual property. The value of legal services provided to date in this region is nearly $330,000. One area nonprofit client explained, “The Partnership’s free legal services have helped us become a better run nonprofit. We’re not afraid to tackle complex issues or governance issues or risk issues, because we know we have someone to help us with it and it’s not going to generate tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees.”

A new funder for the Partnership, The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven is committed to helping nonprofit organizations address today’s challenges through grants supporting general operating costs, project costs, and capacity building initiatives.

Executive Director Marcia Levy is hopeful for a productive collaboration between the Partnership and the Foundation, stating:

“The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven is vital to nonprofits in the region, making it possible for them to provide essential community services. We are so pleased to join The Foundation’s family of grantees. The $15,000 grant will make it possible for us to provide free legal services and educational programs to nonprofits in the Greater New Haven area, so that they remain in compliance with the law and can address legal issues without having to use resources essential to supporting their programs. We look forward to working together.”

Media Contact:
Mindi Lund, Director of Marketing
914-328-0674 ext. 339