Make a Stock Transfer

Stock gifts of appreciated stock can yield tax benefits because they are deductible from your income tax at their fair market value. This kind of gift avoids capital gains tax that would otherwise result from selling the stock and then using the cash to make your gift to the Partnership. Gifts of appreciated assets are deductible in amounts up to 30% of adjusted gross income, and any excess deductions may be carried over for use in the future.

When you give stock it is important that you contact us to indicate that a gift of stock is being made to Pro Bono Partnership, what type of stock, and the purpose for which it is intended.

Gifts of stock/securities may be deducted at full market value on the date of transfer to the Partnership.

Gifts of stock by electronic transfer (DTC) of the shares between your broker and Pro Bono Partnership’s broker, Vanguard. Please contact Heidi Siesfeld, Director of Development, at to notify the Partnership of your plans to make a gift of stock. We will need your broker’s name and telephone number as well as the name of the stock and the number of shares you wish to transfer. Please also inform your broker of your intent to make a gift of stock. This information will ensure the details of the transaction are completed accurately and efficiently. Stock transferred in this fashion is valued on the date of the transfer — the date it moves into the Pro Bono Partnership account.

Our broker’s contact name and number is:

Company: Vanguard
Phone: 800-992-8327
DTC # 0062     Account # 34225901
Beneficiary:  Pro Bono Partnership, Inc.
Our Tax ID:  06-1264823

For questions regarding making a gift of stock contact Heidi Siesfeld, Director of Development, at