Volunteer Spotlight: Lisa Ulrich, IBM

IBM intellectual property attorney Lisa Ulrich has been a dedicated Pro Bono Partnership volunteer since 2011 and we wanted to take this opportunity to thank her for the many hours she has spent helping clients. This year alone, Lisa has volunteered on six matters for four different clients, including a matter she worked on for Pro Bono Partnership (ALL nonprofits have legal needs!).Volunteer Spotlight - Lisa Ulrich

Lisa recently completed two matters for Soul Ryeders, Inc., a volunteer-driven organization based in Westchester County that develops and supports programs for those affected by all types of cancer. Soul Ryders required assistance drafting release forms for the use of videos and photos on social media and their website. The organization was hoping for a quick turnaround and Pro Bono Partnership was able to immediately place the matter with Lisa, who resolved the issue promptly and thoroughly. Soul Ryeders was thrilled to have Lisa’s help on this issue so that it could remain focused on its efforts to help those who are affected by cancer.

Lisa was also instrumental in helping our client Long Island Crisis Center successfully trademark two of their logos. The client was certainly thrilled with the end result, but more importantly Lisa gave them a solid understanding of the trademark process, which will be extremely beneficial as their organization grows. When describing Lisa, Fran Karliner, Director of Development said that she β€œcouldn’t have hoped for a more communicative, responsive and wonderful mentor on the whole registration protocol.”

Pro Bono Partnership and our clients are thrilled to recognize Lisa, as well as all of those who support her at IBM, for their hard work and dedication to pro bono work.

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