What Makes Me Certain….

By Marcia Levy, Executive Director.

I know many people are feeling uncertain about what life will be like in the next presidency. No matter how you voted, in the kind of work we do with people and organizations that are the most vulnerable, it is natural to focus on the uncertainty of the future.

I have decided to focus instead on what makes me absolutely certain. I am certain that the work that our nonprofit clients do on behalf of so many – the poor, immigrants, LGBT individuals and communities, families, the homeless and victims of domestic violence, to name a few – will be more critical than ever. I am certain that the nonprofits that rely on Pro Bono Partnership for free legal assistance will meet that critical need and continue to fight to represent vulnerable populations. I am certain that our wonderful volunteer lawyers will continue to provide essential counsel and advice to our clients so that each nonprofit can focus their resources and energy on their services. And I am certain that those who support the work that nonprofits do to strengthen our communities and help those who are economically disadvantaged will recognize that their support may become even that much more meaningful.

Most importantly, I am certain that Pro Bono Partnership will continue to play its part to strengthen the nonprofit community by providing:

  1. free legal assistance to our nonprofit clients on all kinds of important issues, including contracts, governance, labor and employment, tax, intellectual property, real estate and other business legal issues;
  2. opportunities for volunteer attorneys to use their valuable skills to assist dynamic nonprofit organizations in NY, CT and NJ;
  3. a resource hotline to answer questions from nonprofits and attorneys; and
  4. webinars and other educational programs on changing laws and critical legal issues facing nonprofits.

Finally, I am certain that I am beyond proud to work with Pro Bono Partnership staff, our fantastic volunteers and amazing nonprofits. I am inspired by all of your dedication in words and deeds to making this world a safer, better, more inclusive and just place.

I am certain and grateful. Thank you.